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Values, co-operation and debate

Members and friends of Democratic Left Scotland have recently been emailed the latest issue of the organisation’s newsletter. As well as a couple of articles and updates that you may have seen earlier on this website, the newsletter includes a substantial piece by Jen Bell, co-convenor of the Scottish Green trade union group, detailing the impact of Green Party values on government policies, but also stating that ‘our continued co-operation is not a blank cheque. We will continue to side with workers and our planet as we always have, to build power for Scotland from the ground up’.

DLS convenor Stuart Fairweather comments on current political developments, confirming that it’s important that the Tories are defeated in the coming general election – and says ‘much more than that we need to build on the values that will fuel a meaningful opposition to their view of the world’.

The newsletter is freely available: just join our mailing list by sending us your email through the banner at the bottom of every page on our website.


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