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Join DLS

DLS aims to be an inclusive organisation. We work with others in all our campaigns and initiatives. Many of the events we organise are open for non-members to attend, and anyone can sign up to our
newsletter mailing list. 


To maintain financial viability and so that we can continue to organise activities and events, we do encourage people who share our general outlook and commitments to join us: members shape our
policies and priorities, determine DLS’s activities, and can serve as officers of the organisation. 

Payment for membership and/or support for our campaigning work can be made by cheque, bank transfer or by setting up a standard order. You can let us know your preferred payment method when we contact you back and/ or when we are processing your membership (you can also decide
then on your level of annual membership payment, which is variable, from £5 unwaged to £60 high waged).

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