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Making OUR place better (by learning from elsewhere)

More than one ‘keyboard warrior’ has reacted to Lesley Riddoch’s touring of her film ‘Denmark - The State Of Happiness’ by saying that if she likes the Nordic country so much, she should ‘pack her bag’ go and live there herself. (‘Pack her bag’ is Democratic Left’ Scotland's euphemism for the more abusive language that some social media enthusiasts have used).

Riddoch’s ripostes have been typically considered, dignified witty, concise and straight to the point.

What she’s about is learning from what another place which is getting some things right and doing well in important respects, so that we can apply what’s relevant here, where we live, in our country.

The blurb for the hour-long film, showings of which are followed by a Q&A session with the Scottish journalist, author and inspiring speaker, says that ‘Danes are judged the happiest people on earth, with the world’s best energy system, a GDP per capita almost a third higher than Britain, more bikes in daily use than the Netherlands, … Denmark is small (with about half Scotland's land mass and the same population). It has less oil/coal/gas to fuel its economy and lost an empire - just like Britain. Yet the Danes have bounced back to become the modern, eco-leaders of Europe …’

‘Denmark – the state of happiness’ was made with Charlie Stuart and was produced courtesy of the Scottish Independence Foundation and Dr Simon Forrest. We do know that the flag in the picture is Norway's rather than Denmark's - there are varied and different positive things to learn from all the Scandinavian countries.

Published 11 January 2024.


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