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Our care economy, their war economy

For International Women's Day on 8 March, Democratic Left Scotland is pleased to republish this Declaration drafted by the Feminist Assembly of the European Forum.

One of the organisations which has contributed to the declaration is the European Left Working Group on Feminist Policies.

The 8th of March is there to remind us of all the struggles that women have waged advocating for equality in all aspects of life, demanding equal rights with men in a world of PEACE. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a never-ending struggle due to the financial interests that dictate the policies of WAR in a world that is ruled by patriarchal neoliberal forces. In our common home, which is Europe, we demand INVESTMENT IN PEACE, EQUALITY AND RESPECT all over the planet.


The FEMINIST ASSEMBLY of the EUROPEAN FORUM of Progressive, Green and Left-wing forces defend care economy policies, which put the lives of people, animals and nature at the centre in a world of peace. That is why we demand a ceasefire in Gaza and in all wars to save and protect life instead of killing.


The conditions of war exacerbate the feminisation of poverty, among other problems such as double exploitation with reproductive and productive work, sexist discrimination, sexual and domestic violence, up to the most serious expression that culminates in femicides that have been increasing in total numbers.


Migrant and refugee women are the most vulnerable to trafficking networks that operate for the sake of war finances and financial interests on a global scale. That is why it is urgent to stop the advance of fascist governments in Europe and prevent the advance of the extreme right in the European Parliament. So that their patriarchal, sexist and misogynistic policies do not advance!


The Feminist Assembly of the European Forum of Progressive, Green and Left forces demand equal rights between men and women and the freedom to decide about our bodies and our lives.


Because women are neither reproductive machines nor are we at the sexual service of men. Because we are NOT slaves to anyone. It is entirely up to us to choose motherhood and sexual relations based on our sexual orientation and gender identity.


We demand policies that reverse the lack of co-responsibility in care work that consolidates gender inequality. Because it makes it difficult for women to enter the labour market full-time, to pursue our careers on equal terms, to ensure equal pay, as well as to continue training and promoting our careers.


We demand equal opportunities from access to work to retirement to avoid the gender gap in pensions.


That is why in Europe we demand:

- The promotion of public care systems with universal access and the recognition of care work.

- Equal access with men to universal public healthcare and education services, as well as access to natural resources.


Both are necessary conditions to guarantee a dignified life for all people living in Europe without exception.


Europe as a whole is and must be able to promote social policies that ensure the elimination of energy poverty, especially for people living in households with low work intensity, including older women who live alone and women with dependent children. And eradicate discrimination based on origin or skin colour, oppressions that intersect with those of class and gender.


It is a question of HUMAN RIGHTS that must be respected by everyone, and Europe must be the place where these are guaranteed and not negotiated.


Because we want a FEMINIST Europe that defends women's human rights. Because we want a Europe that puts an end to the feminization of poverty. Because we want a Europe that respects the sovereignty of peoples.


We want European resources to accelerate gender equality, not to increase military armaments. To implement policies that guarantee women's human rights.


We want to invest in the care economy that values life and not war!


We want a peaceful world!


On the 8th of March we call for a feminist strike for our rights and in solidarity with the Palestinian women who are being killed.





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