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Multiple acts of solidarity

As the people of Gaza continue to suffer from the Israel Defence Force's ongoing campaign, and as the UK government looks poised to categorise forms of support for Palestinian rights and self-determination as 'extremist', people who are committed to the values of peace and justice continue to act in multiple ways to show solidarity with Palestinians.

One current example of this is the 'statement on academics and institutions of higher education in Gaza', which we post below. It began as an effort among Fellows of the British Academy (though we need to make clear that it is not an official British Academy statement), and has been signed by scores of lecturers and professors, including many in Scotland. If you would like to endorse the statement, please let us know by emailing and we will arrange for your name to be added. According to the Palestinian news agency Wafa, the Israeli army has destroyed or seriously damaged all twelve universities in the Gaza Strip by means or air strikes or bombs.

'“We, the undersigned, are shocked and saddened by the immense loss of life of civilians, including researchers and academics, and the demolition of all the institutions of higher education in the Gaza Strip, which is a clear violation of humanitarian and international law.

"We stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza and its community of students and researchers, experiencing this attack on their basic rights to survival. We send our support and friendship at this time to all academics, researchers and students in the Gaza Strip and occupied Palestinian territories for whom the safety to learn, teach and research is no longer guaranteed. We send our support and friendship also to those academics and researchers in Israel who have resolutely argued that Israel's future security lies in working towards a two state solution rather than in continued violence. We will continue to stand up for academic freedom and acknowledge the courage that many are showing in speaking out against this military activity which is harming students and educators alike”.

Published 11 March 2024.


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