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Part of the union

Democratic Left Scotland member Mike Arnott will conclude his year as STUC president by chairing its annual conference in Dundee this week. 

Mike has been Secretary of Dundee Trade Union Council for more than 30 years and a member of the GMB for more than 40. He was 'chosen' to be a workplace rep at his first job with Dundee Council when Peggy Paris, a local full time official with the GMB, found him in the tea-room reading the Morning Star.

Mike having been an involved trade unionist since his youth and has been a consistent supporter of young people in the movement. This is reflected in his support for newer and younger trade unionists. 

Mike’s interest in the history of the movement and his internationalism are well known. He is Scottish Secretary of the International Brigade Memorial Trust and has represented Democratic Left Scotland at many meetings across Europe. This year's STUC will feature a specific debate and discussion on Palestine. Mike's passionate support of the Palestinian people, the defence of Gaza and the just cause of Palestinian self determination will mean that he is looking to see acts of solidarity included this week's activities. 

Mike remains one of the first to get on the picket lines of those in dispute and is central to shaping the future of trade unionism, his input to the Speak Oot! festival of trade unionism being testimony to this. 

Democratic Left Scotland wishes Mike well in his role this week.

Published 14 April 2024.


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